The magic of linear servo motors comes to pouch filling

Packaging World | By Pat Reynolds

With customers clamoring for pouch-filling equipment that makes it possible to move efficiently from one size pouch to another, this OEM found its solution in a new breed of servo motors

Cloud Packaging Solutions is a leading manufacturer of high-speed horizontal pouching, thermoforming, and filter-pack machinery. As is the case at plenty of other OEMs, management has been listening to calls from the marketplace for automatic size changeover. So, as Vice President Sales Mike Werner puts it, “We dove into the technologies that would provide us with that capability.” (For more on multifunctional equipment and quick changeover, see what machine builders and buyers have to say about how vitally important it is in PMMI’s Vision 2025 at

And that’s how CloudTRAC, which made its debut at PACK EXPO International last October, came into being. Fully automatic, servo-driven, chain-free, and auto-configurable, Cloud describes it as a revolution in Stand-Up Resealable Pouch machine technology suitable for products ranging from pet treats to confectionery products.

Its key enabler is the iTrak linear servo technology from Rockwell Automation, an approach to motion control that dispenses with traditional mechanics and motor control to enable the independent control of multiple independent movers on straight and curved paths. Unlike machines relying on conventional motion control architecture, which require manual adjustments, change parts, and operators wielding tools to remove one set of tooling before putting another set in, this machine can go from one bag size to another at the press of a button on the control panel. Bags can be anywhere from 4 to 12 in. wide and 6 to 15 in. tall.

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Packaging World: Cloud Reduces Water Soluble Film Waste

PACKAGING WORLD – March 2, 2015 – Film waste is expensive. No where is this a larger issue than with water soluble film waste. PVA waste among some solutions can exceed 50%, sending significant film to landfills and margin dollars down the drain. By contrast Cloud’s innovative and industry leading Hydroforma machines are up to 90% more efficient than some other solutions, while providing speed and versatility demanded in modern water soluble film solutions.

In this brief feature article Pat Reynolds, VP Editor of Packaging World, looks at the expanding Cloud soluble packaging line. Cloud is the acknowledged speed and efficiency leader in soluble film packaging with speeds of 1200 PPM Hydroforma line. In this article Pat Reynolds takes a look at the Hydroforma’s little brother. The Hydroforma SP brings the efficiency of the Hydroforma to a size / volume / cost formula to more production environments.

At speeds of up to 600 PPM, the smaller Hydroforma SP is still one of the fastest machines in the industry. In this story Packaging World focuses on the machine’s tight controls that reduce film waste. The combination of speed and efficiency makes the Hydroforma SP the category leader in mid-sized soluble solutions.

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Cloud Rides the Building Wave in Water Soluble Packaging

Plastic News, February 4, 2015 – Plastic News Senior Staff Reporter Jim Johnson recently interviewed Mike Werner, vice president of sales and marketing for Cloud Packaging Equipment LLC discussing the growth Cloud Packaging Equipment has experienced in recent years.  Cloud produces Hydroforma, a continuous motion rotary-style form-fill-seal machine that is the fastest in the world.

Cloud produces what is known as a continuous motion rotary-style form-fill-seal machine, marketed under the Hydroforma brand, that the company claims to be the fastest in the world. Think of a drum continuously spinning to create all those dish and laundry detergent packets commonly found on today’s store shelves.

Cloud doesn’t make those packets; it makes the machines that make those packets. And they’ve been quite busy doing just that, Werner said.

“Outside of the P&G pouches, every other pouch you see out there, probably 95 percent of them are made on a Cloud,” Werner said. “Over the last three or four years, I can’t build machines fast enough.”

To help meet demand, Cloud has doubled its employee ranks to 60 and space to about 30,000 square feet at its Des Plaines facility. Sales, too, have just about doubled in recent years.

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