Dog Treat Packaging – Bulky Items

As the pet food and treat categories continue to grow, so does the popularity of the flexible pouch. Cat and dog treat packaging is one of fastest growing categories in pet food. However, as many companies realize, large pouches or odd sized and shaped treats encounter fill problems on most horizontal and vertical form fill seal machines. The fact is, big pouches and bulky items take longer to fill. The quick fix is to slow the machine down, often to less than 30% of optimum speed. Clearly this is expensive and undesirable for most companies.

The Roberts line from Cloud pioneered the technology that eliminates this bottleneck. Robert’s “Traveling Buckets” technology enables the machine to run at maximum speed while still loading the bulkiest of items. This produces cat and dog treat packaging solutions that fill faster, with more accuracy and at a lower cost than traditional HFFS or VFFS configurations. The traveling funnels enable the filling of bags as they move through a semicircular bend.

Packaging World Magazine recently published a case study featuring Pet World and the Roberts Packaging dog treat packaging solution they implemented to solve for this ever-growing problem.

Packaging World Article on Dog Treat Packaging Begins Here.

By Pat Reynolds, VP Editor

Red Bay, AL-based World Pet faced the enviable problem of keeping up with growing demand for its products. The pet food manufacturer packages a variety of dry-extruded and soft-and-moist pet treats under its own name as well as co-packing for a number of major brands. To achieve the capacity it needed, World Pet recently installed its sixth fill/seal system: a Robert’s Series Pre-Made Fill-Seal Standup Pouch Machine. It now runs three Roberts 1500 and three Roberts 1750 machines spread out over three of its facilities.

“We are producing high-quality products,” says World Pet Vice President of Manufacturing Phil Bates told us. “The Robert’s equipment allows us to present those products in quality packaging that looks very professional on the shelf.” The World Pet products include jerky strips, meat balls, kabobs, bacon strips and other treats for pets.

“Not only has demand for our own branded products grown, we’ve had new co-packing customers come online,” says Bates. “We are growing across the US as well as exporting into South America, parts of the Pacific, and Europe.” Using both Robert’s 1500s and 1750s allows World Pet to serve customers whose packages range from a few ounces to five pounds or more.

World Pet has been using the Robert’s Series machines since 2009. “We use these machines for problematic flowing items,” says Bates. “Most machines have a single fill station. For products with poor flowability you have to slow the machine to the point where it can all flow at that single fill station. With the Robert’s machine it dumps to a funnel above the pouch and that funnel follows around the machine. It generates a lot less waste than most of the machines out there.”

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