Packaging World: Cloud Reduces Water Soluble Film Waste

PACKAGING WORLD – March 2, 2015 – Film waste is expensive. No where is this a larger issue than with water soluble film waste. PVA waste among some solutions can exceed 50%, sending significant film to landfills and margin dollars down the drain. By contrast Cloud’s innovative and industry leading Hydroforma machines are up to 90% more efficient than some other solutions, while providing speed and versatility demanded in modern water soluble film solutions.

In this brief feature article Pat Reynolds, VP Editor of Packaging World, looks at the expanding Cloud soluble packaging line. Cloud is the acknowledged speed and efficiency leader in soluble film packaging with speeds of 1200 PPM Hydroforma line. In this article Pat Reynolds takes a look at the Hydroforma’s little brother. The Hydroforma SP brings the efficiency of the Hydroforma to a size / volume / cost formula to more production environments.

At speeds of up to 600 PPM, the smaller Hydroforma SP is still one of the fastest machines in the industry. In this story Packaging World focuses on the machine’s tight controls that reduce film waste. The combination of speed and efficiency makes the Hydroforma SP the category leader in mid-sized soluble solutions.

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