Cloud Provides “Bird’s Eye View” of Unique Filling System at Pack Expo 14

Cloud Demonstrates Hydroforma, Robert’s IMP1500, and Olson Feeder and Scale System at Pack Expo Booth 2855

Des Plaines, IL, USA, August 21, 2014 — Cloud will exhibit the Robert’s IMP 1500 and the Cloud Hydroforma water soluble pouch machine at Pack Expo 2014 Chicago, Booth 2855. The IMP machine will fill large pre-made standup bags with water soluble pouches of detergent that have been previously filled and sealed using the Hydroforma. The exhibit will feature a stairway to allow attendees to view the feed system from above.

Robert’s equipment is known for its “traveling funnel” system. Seeing the system from above will give attendees a deeper understanding of its function. Attendees will see the water soluble pouches carried up in an inclined bucket conveyor system and weighed in a scale from Olson Scales. The pouches then drop through the Roberts IMP 1500’s traveling funnels.  Baffles are placed in the funnel to slow the products descent.  This helps eliminate product bridging.

“We will run the demonstration two or three times per hour,” said Mike Werner, Cloud’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Attendees will see how the IMP 1500 can package bulky products like nothing else. Its traveling funnels keep filling bags through a 180˚ bend in the conveyor giving much more filling time than competitive machines.”

The Hydroforma is used mainly for filling detergents and chemicals in water soluble pouches. However, food grade water soluble film is also available for packaging food ingredients and powered drink mixes.

The IMP 1500 handles many sizes and styles of premade pouches, including reclosable, stand-up bags. It fills and seals bags ranging from a few ounces to club store sizes of over 12 pounds. Package and product changeovers can be accomplished in twenty minutes. Cloud/Robert’s engineers will customize the equipment to suit specific applications.